Terms and Conditions of Auto Insurance

Depending on the high rate of accidents that occur each year, it is necessary to have an auto insurance policy even if one is driving a car, whether it is your car or at least one of the best insurance policies of a friend’s car. needed.

An insurance covers the policyholder and in most cases it covers other people who use a car or driver. However if the car gets into an accident which is not in the interest of the policyholder, or violates the agreement between the policy holder and the insurance company, the insurance policy will not cover the loss from such accident.

In instances where the insured vehicle is sold to another person, the new owner is covered by third party liability insurance and also a period of 3 weeks after the change of ownership of the comprehensive car insurance policy (if any) Is within When there is a new active insurance policy, all deductions under the insurance will be paid by the new car owner.

Auto insurance does not cover damage to vehicles in the possession of the company for the purpose of sale

Depending on the car insurance policy agreement between you and your insurance company, you may not need to notify them if the terms change in the policy. Refusal to notify insurance may result in compensatory indemnification and indemnification if an accident occurs or a reduction in indemnity and indemnity or indemnification and indemnification.

Therefore, to avoid the above consequences, whenever there is a change in the policy information, immediately inform your insurance company.

You can buy the same auto insurance from two different insurance companies without ending initial insurance with the first company, but when an accident occurs, the agreement in your car insurance policy will apply, and this can mean that both Companies pay half. Each accident.

Another important thing regarding auto insurance is the deductibles which are based on the agreement made in the auto insurance policy. Deductibles are only deducted once the insurance plan cases include both third party liability and losses under comprehensive auto insurance.

No deductible will apply in such situations as:

1. Damage from a known responsive turtle

2. Damage from fire, explosion, lightning or theft

3. Damage from objects falling on the car.

In addition, there will be an additional deduction for damage to the car by a person other than the policyholder or any registered user of the three cars under the auto insurance policy.

There are certain accidents that your auto insurance policy cannot cover. Under liability insurance, your auto does not cover inside the policy;

1. Injury to the driver

2. Damage from the transportation of goods by road under the acts of contract

3. Damage to the attached vehicle

4. Damage that occurred at the time of renting the vehicle until it can be proved that the damage is as a result of the incident which is in accordance with the auto insurance policy

5. Vehicle, damage to items related to the policy holder, no one has stated in the auto insurance policy that it is a regular user.

The following accidents are not covered by comprehensive auto insurance:

1. Damage caused by weather conditions

2. Parts of the car damaged during repair, unless it is proved that there was damage during driving or by fire

3. Electrician and mechanical parts damage to vehicle, unless it can be proved that damage has been done as per auto insurance policy

4. Damage due to careless driving ie overheating or no change of oil

5. Losses that occurred during car rental

6. Loss caused by driver’s intoxication

7. Deliberate loss of grid caused intentional damage

8. Loss of car due to seizure of car by law enforcement authority

9. Damage under warranty and guarantee

10. Damage from the use of the car, such as wear and tear, scratches on the body of the car, etc.

The term of the auto insurance policy is based on the agreement between you and the insurance company. Most auto insurance agreements are yearly and are renewed annually until it is canceled by the policyholder or insurance company in writing with one month’s notice.

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