Best Cheap Car Insurance in Texas for 2020

Are you looking to buy car insurance in Texas? If yes, then you are at the right place, have a look at this article to know more and more. According to FHA (Federal Highway Administration), Texas comes on second by the number of licensed drivers in the country. Therefore, there are so many insurance providers in the country, which can make choosing the best car insurance in Texas a very challenging task.

So, in this article, we are going to cover the top Texas auto insurance companies with the different things they provide. Have a look, to know:

1. Texas Farm Bureau:

This is one of the best and top-rated auto insurance providers in Texas for both prices and overall customer satisfaction. Besides basic liability, Farm Bureau offers collision, comprehensive coverage as well as PIP, death indemnity and uninsured coverage.

So, if you are interested then you should talk with one of the agents. Because talking with one of their agents will help in seeing the coverage required for you. Moreover, the agents can help you in saving the money as well by seeing all the discounts that you are eligible for.

Pros of Texas Farm Bureau:

  1. Affordable rates.
  2. Many discounts can be availed by the people dealing with these insurance companies.
  3. This company is awarded by J.D Power in Texas.

2. Farmers:

This is a company is known as Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company in Texas. This is a company having flexible policies that can be tailored according to your needs and budgets. Furthermore, this company also offers accident forgiveness for good drivers. Therefore, the policy is that they will forgive one accident for every three years. And this will keep your premium at the same rate if only one accident is there.

Hence, this is one of the best companies having a huge list of discounts, policies, safe drivers and many other things.

Pros of Farmers Texas Country Mutual Insurance Company:

  1. Accident forgiveness.
  2. Huge and big list of discounts.
  3. A long list of extra coverage including spare parts coverage and personal umbrella.

3. Allstate:

Allstate is one of the best and cheap car insurance Texas that has received no more than the average number of complaints from its customers. Hence, this is the only reason why is it considered the best. According to a survey in Texas this company is rated to be the second-best insurance provider. Because of its lowest rate and discount lists larger than other companies.

Probing further, this company has so many rewards for all the safe drivers such as a bonus check for premiums and vanishing deductible. They will only deduct $100 off if you go without an accident every year.

Pros of Allstate:

  1. A long and huge list of discounts.
  2. Accident forgiveness.
  3. Rewards for safe drivers.

4. Liberty Mutual:

This is not a company as cheap as Allstate but is considered to be the best and cheap than other insurance companies in Texas. With the help of this company, you can easily save up to 30% premiums with a Right Track device, if you are a good driver.

There are so many other offers given by this company such as multiple policies, bundling your car, home insurance and many more. This company is having an online quoting system. If you are thinking to go with them, then this is a good option.

Pros of Liberty Mutual:

  1. Online purchasing options available.
  2. High and best quality auto insurance.
  3. Great discounts for drivers who are good.

5. USAA:

This is a car insurance company that is good for both the active and retired military personnel and their families. Therefore, this is a popular choice in Texas and has the second-highest rate of active-duty military personnel. Moreover, it is rated excellent in overall customer satisfaction and price. Ergo, the rates they offer are one of the best in Texas and people can easily take help from them because of the cheap rates provided by them.

Pros of USAA:

  1. Good customer satisfaction.
  2. Great rates or prices.
  3. Good rates for all the people having poor credits and accidents.

Therefore, these are the five best and cheap car insurance companies in Texas in 2020.

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